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» I am the Joel of Football's Future

Oct 29, 2014 - 12:13 PM - by 7DnBrnc53
On the Football's Future website, I have been talking about how Patriot fans seem to overlook what Matt Cassel did in 2008, and how they don't give it any credence as far as calling Brady's legacy into question.

They want to compare the 2008 Cassel with the 07 Brady, which is totally unfair.

The 08 Cassel hadn't started since high school, and the 07 Brady was an eight-year vet. Comparing Cassel with the 01 Brady is fairer. Cassel had more weapons around him, but the 01 Brady had a very easy schedule (he only played three winning teams).

Just like some of you feel about Joel, they feel the same about me. A lot of those people can't stand Elway, and think that he is the most overrated QB ever. They think that Brady is so much better, and they even think that Drew Brees is better. They get irritated at me when I defend him, and they say things like "Dan Reeves made Chris Chandler" or "The Defense carried Denver to the SB in 86 and 87, not Elway".
33 Replies | 454 Views

» Some changes to ads on BroncosForums site

Oct 28, 2014 - 10:24 PM - by Tned
I'm having to make a few changes to ads placed on the BroncosForums.com site. This year, my ad revenue has fallen through the floor.

In past years, during the five or six months of football season, I made enough revenue to cover the cost of the site in those months, some months even a little extra, and then in the offseason, had the revenue fall quite a bit short of the monthly expenses. Over the course of the year, the ad revenue always falls short of the cost of the server, backup/test server and other things I do (probably overkill) to try and make sure BroncosForums has as close to zero downtime as possible, and runs as fast as possible and can handle a load spike if there is "huge" Broncos news. Last September, for instance, I upgraded the server to a new much faster server with more RAM and both an SSD RAID (faster than traditional drives) and 1 TB traditional RAID for speed and redundancy.

All of that is fine, because I'm a passionate fan and this is one of the ways I show my support for the Broncos and Broncos community.

That said, my revenue has been steadily declining, which means what I subsidize every month has been increasing, because advertisers are getting pickier and pickier about what they pay for. I've tried to make ads as unobtrusive as possible putting many of them at the bottom of pages, or at the end of a thread, but advertisers have started paying pennies (actually fractions of pennies -- $.0001 for each ad displayed lower in pages) for ads like this. They are requiring ads to be "above the fold" or they pay virtually nothing. Above the fold is an old newspaper term, which meant literally, above the fold on a newspaper, such that you would see it in a newspaper dispenser. In the online world, they translate above the fold to mean it's viewed when you pull up the page without scrolling down. With the exception of a couple ads on the home page, none of my ads are visible... [Read More]
43 Replies | 605 Views

» Patriots to Honor 3-time Super Bowl Champions

Oct 28, 2014 - 9:19 PM - by CrazyHorse
BOSTON (CBS) — While Sunday night’s Patriots-Broncos game will be the latest chapter in the historic Tom Brady-Peyton Manning rivalry, it will also feature a very special reunion at halftime

There will be plenty of bling on the field at Gillette Stadium, as the Patriots will honor 18 of the 22 players who earned three Super Bowl rings with the franchise during their run of success during the early 2000s.

New England won their first Super Bowl in 2001, upsetting the heavily-favored St. Louis Rams, and went on to win back-to-back titles in 2003 and 2004, becoming just the second team in the Super Bowl era to win three championships in four years.

Let's hope this serves as a distraction allowing the Broncos to pull out a victory.
5 Replies | 230 Views

» Champ Bailey, former Broncos cornerback, to retire from NFL

Oct 28, 2014 - 7:57 PM - by Denver Native (Carol)
In recent months, Champ Bailey has lived the life not atypical of many retired Americans.

He hangs out with his wife and 4-year-old son in Orange County, Calif. Why there when he grew up and played his college ball in Georgia and spent most of his NFL playing career in Denver? Because his wife is from Orange County, of course.

"Look, I play fantasy football now," Bailey said Tuesday. "I picked up Ronnie Hillman for my fantasy team. I saw Montee Ball go down and I said, 'Ronnie has to step up.' I texted somebody on the team, 'Tell, Ronnie to take advantage.' He's taken off."

Once a Bronco, always a Bronco.
rest - http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci...etire-from-nfl
7 Replies | 214 Views

» Where does Champ rank?

Oct 28, 2014 - 4:08 PM - by aberdien
Historically, how far is he down the list of greatest CBs in NFL history?

I think he's a solid top 10 guy, and maybe a top 5, but I can't think of a whole lot of corners right now. Deion, Darrell Green, Rod Woodson, NTL are the top guys who I can think of off the top of my head.
19 Replies | 357 Views

» Champ Officially Retires

Oct 28, 2014 - 1:12 PM - by Spiritguy
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 24m24 minutes ago

Despite interest from teams, Champ Bailey has decided to retire from NFL to pursue other career opportunities, agent Jack Reale said Tues.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 25m25 minutes ago

Now the clock starts running till the time Champ Bailey, a 12-time Pro Bowl selection, is inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

43 Replies | 728 Views

» Broncos have a date with plenty of history

Oct 28, 2014 - 9:58 AM - by Denver Native (Carol)
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- It's not an issue, a point of controversy or even bulletin board material even if there had been an actual bulletin board in the locker room at any point over the past decade.

But it is a riddle of sorts, an unanswered question, the Denver Broncos say they feel like they're asking almost annually.

That if the NFL schedule is indeed based on predictable rotations, with pre-ordained slots, that offer a different collection of non-divisional opponents each season to go with a team that finished in the same place in their division as you finished in yours, how, then, do the Broncos keep facing the New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium.

"That's what I'm asking y'all," said Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. with a laugh. "Y'all supposed to tell me that."

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has pointed it out, just before each of the previous two trips "it's always random they say, but it's been strange how that works out."
rest - http://espn.go.com/blog/nflnation/po...nty-of-history
5 Replies | 263 Views

» Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos clearly Super Bowl favorites

Oct 27, 2014 - 4:58 PM - by Denver Native (Carol)
I feel compelled to write this in advance of Denver's trip to New England for the 16th installment of Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

No matter what happens at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, the Denver Broncos are the best team in the NFL and should be considered the team to beat as we look toward Super Bowl XLIX.

Peyton Manning and these Broncos are akin to the Miami Heat during LeBron James' stay in South Beach. Fairly or unfairly, it's about getting to championships and winning titles. LeBron made the NBA Finals in each of his four years with the Heat, snagging a pair of rings. That's a success, even if the total didn't quite match the bevy of titles LeBron nonchalantly guaranteed in his introductory dance party. ("Not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven ...")
rest - http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap300...bowl-favorites
4 Replies | 347 Views

» Broncos' notes - Patriots Week

Oct 27, 2014 - 1:11 PM - by Denver Native (Carol)
Andrew Mason @MaseDenver · 6m

... Knighton 27th among DTs, Irving 8th among ILBs, Harris 2nd and Talib 21st among CBs, Moore 28th among safeties (2/2). (per @PFF)

Andrew Mason @MaseDenver · 6m

Notable @Broncos in @PFF rankings (D): Miller 1st & Marshall 4th among 4-3 OLBs, Jackson 9th, Wolfe 11th, Ware 19th among 4-3 DEs (1/2) ...

Andrew Mason @MaseDenver · 10m

Notable @Broncos in @PFF rankings (offense): DT 5th & Sanders 7th among WRs, Vasquez 12th among Gs, JT 8th among TEs, Manning 6th among QBs.

Andrew Mason @MaseDenver · 15m

Your weekly Von Miller @PFF update: he's still the No. 2-ranked player in the NFL (26.4) behind only Houston's J.J. Watt (49.4).

Andrew Mason @MaseDenver · 20m

Denver has the only offense to score on all of its red-zone series (23/23), including 19 TDs. It averages 6.3 points per red-zone series.

Andrew Mason @MaseDenver · 27m

In yardage per game, the @Broncos are 6th on offense, 3rd on defense. But in yardage per play, they're 2nd on offense and 1st on defense.

Andrew Mason @MaseDenver · 30m

In total yardage gained & allowed, there are only two teams in the top 10 in both: the @Broncos, and ... Washington, believe it or not.

Andrew Mason retweeted
Chris Bianchi @chrisdbianchi · 2h

#Broncos-#Patriots game on Sunday looking at very least cold and windy…even with a 4:25pm ET kick, game-time temps below 40 likely. #mawx
61 Replies | 1,373 Views

» Brady: Rivalry with Manning 'special'

Oct 27, 2014 - 10:37 AM - by Denver Native (Carol)
With Sunday's high-profile matchup between the future Hall of Famers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on tap, the 37-year-old New England Patriots quarterback acknowledged Monday that as he has aged, he's allowed himself to reflect on the rivalry with his 38-year-old Denver Broncos counterpart.

"Five, six years ago you don't think about those things," Brady said in a radio interview with WEEI in Boston. "But as you mature a little bit and realize this could always be the last one, then you do. It's pretty special.

"[Manning has] been one of the greatest players to ever play. I've been fortunate to share a field with one of the best players that has ever played the game. And every time we play a Peyton Manning-led team, it comes down to the wire. Everything is usually at stake."
rest - http://espn.go.com/boston/nfl/story/...roncos-special
11 Replies | 399 Views

» Friends say man vanished during Broncos game

Oct 27, 2014 - 10:28 AM - by Denver Native (Carol)
DENVER – Friends and family are searching for a Kremmling man who they say never returned to his seat after halftime at Thursday's Broncos game.

Paul Kitterman, 53, was at the game with his son, Jarod, and two friends.

He hasn't been seen since.

"Paul and Jarod had never been to a game so we got some extra tickets," said Tia Bakke, who, along with her boyfriend, was at the game with the father and son.

They all drove down to Denver together from Kremmling, which is about two hours from Sports Authority Field. Kitterman did not drive -- he was a passenger.
rest - plus video
90 Replies | 1,435 Views

» If We Had To Trade Someone.....

Oct 26, 2014 - 10:20 PM - by WARHORSE
No new news here. But wanted to hear some thoughts on some things.

My opinion is defenses win championships. Take a look at Seattle....where they were last year and where they are this year so far.

I believe we can upgrade the safety and LBer positions this offseason, but everything else on D is killer and the more they play together the better off we are.

Marshall has been a studly surprise. He just played off the charts against SD and SF.

If we lost one of our high profile players, who would you want it to be?

The Positions affected by possible loss in free agency are:

TE.....Julius Thomas

WR.......Demaryius Thomas, Welker

Corner.......Chris Harris

DTackle......Pot Roast

LBer..........Marshall, and because hes so good....Von Miller should still be a thought this offseason being that he is due up the following season.


Considering the depth at these positions, what is the priority in your mind of players to keep.

Heres mine, and part of my consideration was how much it would cost to retain each:

1.Demaryius....bring the rain.

2. Pot Roast-STUD

3. Chris Harris-I love Roby, but we want to keep stud corners if possible.

4. Julius Thomas- Tamme isnt it, but hes reliable, Green knows the offense

5. Marshall....Good player you dont want to lose.....but an easier position to fill.

6. Franklin.......err.

Another thought......if you knew we were going to lose one of these guys and get nothing in return...........who would you trade?
43 Replies | 895 Views

» Keeping both Thomases will cost the Broncos. A lot.

Oct 26, 2014 - 11:50 AM - by Denver Native (Carol)
As tight end Julius Thomas was catching more touchdown passes than any other NFL player and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was putting together the best four-game receiver stretch in team history, Broncos fans were left with one thought.

Pay the men!

The value of Peyton Manning's two most potent receiving targets seems to go up each week. Spare us the details, John Elway. Broncos fans don't want these guys to get away.

"It has to be done at some point," Julius Thomas said. "The contract ends after this season, so something has to get done, right? I'm just playing football, enjoying it. We have a good team. You can't worry about it."
rest - http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci...ncos-keep-both
128 Replies | 1,692 Views

» Emmanuel Sanders nearly signed with Patriots

Oct 24, 2014 - 8:02 PM - by Denver Native (Carol)
It didn't take long for Emmanuel Sanders to learn that he landed in "wide receiver heaven" with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

A bit of a tease in Pittsburgh for four years, Sanders has cleared the century mark four times in his last six games and is coming off a career-best performance in Thursday's win over the Chargers.

Just as the Lions have been lifted by the acquisition of Golden Tate, the Broncos have hit the jackpot with Sanders.

If Sanders hadn't switched agents prior to the 2014 free agency period, though, he might have ended up on a different AFC contender.
rest - http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap300...-with-patriots
14 Replies | 839 Views

» Former Bronco John "The Bull" Bramlett Dies At 73.

Oct 24, 2014 - 5:20 PM - by OrangeHoof

Runner up for AFL Rookie Of The Year In 1965 behind Joe Namath; Traded To Miami in 1968

Once described as the "Meanest Man in Football" became a Christian minister after football career.
0 Replies | 379 Views

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